Vertical farming with maintenance-free plastic components

As the world’s population grows and urban areas expand, growing food traditionally is becoming more and more challenging. Food producers have adapted to these conditions by growing fruits, vegetables and other crops in cities on vertically inclined surfaces – a practice known as vertical farming (or, indoor farming).  The machines used in vertical farms must be equipped with components that are suitable for highly sensitive environments. igus® offers a wide range of FDA-compliant automation solutions that enable cost-effective vertical farming and offer a fast return on investment. igus® components are also maintenance-free, self-lubricating, and resistant to dirt, dust and corrosion.


  • Saves space by freeing up traditional agricultural areas
  • Harvest throughout the year
  • Independent and flexible
  • Low transportation and storage costs
  • Saves water due to closed cycles
  • No maintenance or external lubrication required
  • No contamination
  • Resistance to dirt, dust and corrosion
  • Fast ROI due to cost-effective automation components
  • FDA compliance
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Vertical farming products and solutions from igus®

Delta pick-and-place robot

delta pick and place robot
  • Workspace up to Ø 660mm
  • Precise positioning due to motors with encoders
  • If required, pre-assembled with transport frame or installation kit
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robolink® robotic arms

robolink® robotic arm
  • Very lightweight and cost-effective
  • Design and simulate online
  • Choose between ready-to-use complete system and individual solution
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drylin® Gantry linear robots

XYZ gantry
  • Consists of linear actuators for xyz linear motions.
  • Assembly kits with defined stroke lengths
  • Eco linear robots for beginners
  • Ability to be customized for specific applications
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e-chain® Micro Flizz®

  • Pre-assembled modular system
  • Compact and quiet alternative to busbars
  • Travels up to 100m
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Guidelok slimline vertical system

guidelok slimline
  • Guide trough for vertical applications, especially storage and retrieval units
  • Significantly more cost-effective than complete housing
  • Fast and safe assembly with clip-on guide rails
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drylin® linear bearings and slides

drylin® linear bearings and slides
  • Dry-running operation
  • Maintenance-free and resistant to external influences
  • Predictable service life
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Vertical farming & agricultural application examples with igus® products