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Unique Design of Grease-Free, Plastic Ball Bearings

Why is igus® ball bearing design unique?

  1. Inner and outer ball bearing races: the suitability of a xiros plastic ball bearing is determined by the materials of the two races. Our low-friction ball bearings are made of high-performance plastics with different material properties, which means that they can be used in many applications and service life can be maximized.
  2. Ball bearings cage: the cages of the xiros plastic ball bearings are perfectly tailored to the materials of outer and inner ball bearing races regarding resistance to chemicals and temperature.
  3. Ball bearings balls: in addition to steel balls igus offers polymer ball bearings with balls made of glass or plastics.  Glass balls are used to give a metal-free and chemical-resistant solution. By using polymer balls ball bearings are particularly lightweight and quiet.  Steel balls (stainless steel) are particularly cost-effective and temperature-resistant.
Cross section plastic ball bearing design


Lightweight ball bearings made of plastic
  • Lightweight, reliable, durable
  • Longer service life means less downtime & service needed

Rust-Free & Corrosion-Resistant

  • Self-lubricating
  • Grease-free
  • Suitable for dirty, dusty & wet environments


  • Resistant to both cold & hot temperatures
  • Thermal resistance up to +302°F and freezing cold resistance down to -100°F


  • Plastic ball bearings with FDA approval
  • Suitable for contact with food, or in sterile areas
  • Food, beverage, packaging & medical industries

Non-Magnetic, Current-Insulated

  • For applications where metal must be avoided
  • Plastic ball bearings & version with glass balls
  • Conductive & detectable ball bearing options


  • Smooth running in contact with harsh chemicals
  • No expensive special lubricants needed when exposed to aggressive chemicals & waste

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