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Universal Best-Sellers

Universal Best Sellers
  • G300: The best-selling material with 2,000 dimensions from stock
  • J: Versatile in fast and slow motion in continuous operation
  • M250: Heavy and rugged, excellent vibration damping
  • L280: High endurance with longer service life
  • T500: Withstands chemicals and high temperatures
  • R:  Low cost, wear and coefficients of friction

17 Most Common Materials

17 Common Materials
  • 17 most common materials for almost any area of use
  • Resistance to high temperatures, debris, high loads, safe for contact with food and more
  • At least 113 dimensions in each material for shaft diameters of up to 50 mm
  • DIN ISO 3547 compliant (exception for iglide® M250)

Low coefficients of friction

bearings for friction
  • Universal under normal conditions such as temperature, tolerance, etc.
  • iglide® GLW and J4 as low-cost solutions for mass production.
  • iglide® P and K similar to iglide® G with reduced moisture absorption, beneficial in damp environments.

Maximum service life

Maximum service life
  • iglide® J and L280 are optimized to work well against wear
  • Have low wear rates, resulting in long service life
  • Materials are differentiated by their potential temperature and load ranges
  • Can be used well in combination with special shaft materials

High temperature resistance

High temperature resistance
  • For long-term service in temperatures up to 482°F
  • iglide® Z has extremely long service life and low wear rates under high loads and at very high temperatures
  • High thermal resistance and meant for hot liquids

Dirt and debris resistance

Dirt and debris resistant
  • High wear resistance against factors like dirt, debris, friction, chips, etc.
  • iglide® H370: Broad range of uses for wet applications
  • iglide® H2:  Wear-resistant, low cost solution for mass production with low operational performance
  • iglide® H1:  The endurance runner


FDA compliant
  • Ideal for the food and beverage processing industries, as well as in packaging, pharmaceuticals, etc. where hygienic operation is required.
  • FDA-compliant and offers resistance to moisture, temperature extremes, and other requirements.
  • The blue color also facilitates the often required "optical detectability" in the food industry.

High Load Applications

High Load Applications
  • High wear resistance combined with the ability to withstand high (static) loads, shock and edge loads.
  • High loads include radial surface pressures from 4,351 to far beyond 14,500 PSI (14,500 psi corresponds to 2,205 lb on a bushing of 10 mm x 10 mm).


mold-resistant bearings
  • Resistant to fungi, bacteria and mold
  • In accordance to DIN EN ISA 846 Procedure A
  • Tested in special culture for 4 weeks at 29°C, with no alteration or mildew found
  • Perfect for HVAC aplications in buildings, aircraft or cars

Suitable for Water

Suitable for Water
  • Ideal for use underwater and in applications where moisture is a factor
  • High resistance to wear, temperature and water vapor
  • High service life for fast rotation and constant motion underwater


chemical-resistant bearings
  • Resistant against chemicals dependent on the temperature, the length of exposure and the type and amount of mechanical loading
  • Resistant to hydrocholic acid and can be used in greatly diluted acids and diluted lyes
  • In dirty environments, a traditional lubricant can decrease the wear resistance in comparison to running dry

Vibration and Stroke Resistant

Vibration and Stroke resistant
  • High wear resistance on almost all shafts
  • Excellent vibration-damping and very low coefficients of friction in dry operation
  • Low wear against different shaft materials
  • Resistant to edge loads and high impact resistance

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