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Modular Connectors Customized & Combined Into a Single Housing Unit

The new Module Connect comes fully-equipped with customized connector housing for all electric cables, fiber optic cables and pneumatic hoses. This provides a single plug-in/disconnection point for easy setup and is up to 50 percent lighter than traditional modular connectors.  With the Module Connect, individual housings can be joined together to create a single unit. Plus, the system will include only as many connectors as you need. 
The Module Connect’s flat design saves space and enables a high contact density for every application. The modular connectors can adapt to the filling and geometry of the e-chain® in one or more layers, optimizing your application’s functionality.

Combining the Module Connect with the universal strain-relief system from igus® allows the connectors to attach securely into the housing. The system’s soft elements hold the cables in place without damaging them. A flexible structure resembling a honeycomb adapts to different cable diameters, providing universal strain relief.  In addition, there are multiple ways the Module Connect can be integrated into your application: at the fixed or moving end of an e-chain®, between two e-chains®, or into terminal boxes or switch cabinets.


  • Only as many connectors as needed
  • Adapts to the geometry of the energy chain
  • Housing configurations for any kind of setup
  • Strain-relief housing
  • Flat, low-profile housing
  • Simplifies machine and plant cabling
  • Customized shapes designed to prevent polarity reversal
  • One connector module/disconnection point
  • Harnessed and ready-to-connect as readycable® with a 36-month guarantee

Designed Specifically For Your Application!

Intelligent interfaces are configured as required and arrive polarized and harnessed ready for connection.


Select energy chains and cables, then configure suitable inserts


Determine housing geometry


Simple installation

Module Connect Variable shapes and sizes can be individually combined
Module Connect Simplification of machines and system cabling from the motor to the switch cabinet

Application Assistance

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Stephen Van Dam

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