Cable carriers, polymer bearings & shafting for the construction machinery industry

Design maintenance-free machines with dry-running, long-lasting plastic components

Our durable iglide® bearing materials, embedded with solid lubricants for dry-running operation, can withstand high edge loads and surface pressures up to 36,260 psi. They’re also resistant to dirt, dust and corrosion. iglide® bearings work best with GKF shafting, which helps extend their lifetimes by up to 40-60%.  Additionally, we offer cable management solutions guaranteed to last up to 36 months. e-chain® cable carriers are resistant to shock, vibration, corrosion and UV rays. They can withstand loads of up to 403 lbs/ft. chainflex® flexible cables resist a range of dangerous conditions, such as extreme temperatures and oil, and can handle any type of motion, including horizontal and torsional. All igus® products are rigorously tested each year for quality inside our 41,000ft2 test lab. The test results are added to the database behind our service life calculators, which you can use to predict the service life of our products based on the parameters of your application.


  • Dry-running, dirt-resistant plastic bearings, no grease required
    • High edge loads and surface pressures up to 36,260 psi
  • GKF shafting with 3x the corrosion resistance of zinc, nickel, and chrome plating
    • Extends service life of iglide® bearings by up to 40-60%
  • Cable management systems guaranteed to last up to 36 months
    • Resistant to shock, vibration, corrosion, UV - loads up to 403 lbs/ft
    • Flexible cables designed for any type of motion in harsh environments
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Customer Application Examples

An additional degree of freedom for grabbing & excavating


iglide® plain bearings replaced composite bearings in the joints of a high dump bucket. They exceeded the required service life, required no maintenance, reduced weight and were about 40% more cost-effective than previous versions.

Cable carriers withstand vibration and dirt

tunnel drilling machine

E4 e-chain® cable carriers resistant to vibration and dirt were used in a tunnel drilling machine. In their small installation space, the carriers were exposed to extremely harsh environmental conditions.

Plastic bearings take on dust and severe impacts

pulley module

The company Ets Payant created a pulley module that can move soil out of pits that are up to 65 meters deep. All components used had to withstand severe impacts, weathering effects, and a lot of dust, which was no problem for iglide® bearings.

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GKF shafting

GKF shafting

  • Shafting surface ideal for use with iglide® plastic bearings
  • Extends iglide® service life by up to 40-60%
  • 3x the corrosion resistance of zinc, metal and nickel plating
  • Maintenance-free, no external lubricants required

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iglide® plain plastic bearings

iglide bearings

  • Self-lubricating & maintenance-free
  • Corrosion-resistant and hygienic
  • UV-resistant, vibration-damping
  • Wear-resistant in dusty and dirty environments
  • Resistant to edge pressures
  • Good edge-load resistance

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Custom Parts and Prototypes

Custom Parts and Prototypes

  • SLS print lab for wear-resistant bearings, gears, rollers
  • Prototypes and small production runs up to 5,000 pieces
  • Upload STP file, parts shipped in 3 business days
  • Need a STP file? Use our CAD configuration tool

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E4 plastic e-chain® cable carriers

E4 long travel

  • For long travels, gliding applications
  • Smooth, cable-friendly interior surfaces
  • Integrated "brakes" on radial stop dogs
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications

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E2 plastic e-chain® cable carriers

E2 chains

  • Low-cost, easy to fill, small e-chains
  • Lightweight & high torsion resistance
  • Snap-open or closed design
  • Internal separators -- standard or notch

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e-loop®: module cable carriers


  • For cable guidance in top drive systems of drilling rigs to prevent service loops
  • Can open and close for easy maintenance
  • Cable-friendly two-chamber interior separation

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