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Tested: Twisted 27 million times ... from stock


chainflex® Test Report

FCROBOT5 Test Results  

Turning 27 million times without breaking

Rugged torsionable fiber optic cables for three-dimensionally moving energy chains

Industrial robots are indispensable tools in modern automation applications. Indispensable also means that they must function reliably and that in turn requires the smooth operation of all the components, particularly the data cables they contain.
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chainflex® Test Video


Test number: 3105

Cable types: CFROBOT5.501

Test parameters: Torsion test +/- 180°

Service Live: 27,542,214 Cycles

chainflex® Test Set-up

Chainflex Test 3105  

Robot FOC CFROBOT5.501 glass fiber cable withstands more than 28 million cycles at +/- 180°/ft torsion

chainflex® works - Proven in Test No. 3105 of more than 600 parallel experiments in the 18,840 sq. ft. test lab for flexible cables.

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Don Nester, Chainflex® Product Manager

Don Nester,
chainflex® Product Manager

Proven quality
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In the igus® in-house laboratory, constant series of tests are conducted under the most difficult conditions in order to give you reliable information about the suitability of our cables for your application. Would you like to learn more about it? Contact igus® Phone: 800-521-2747

Chain ... Cable ... Guarantee

Chain ... Cable ... Guarantee


chainflex® test laboratory for flexible cables

Chainflex® test lab  

igus®, as a system supplier of energy chains and chainflex® cables for use in constantly moving energy supply systems, has been operating an extensive test lab for over 20 years.

The chainflex® lab focuses on special trials and tests that are not covered by applicable standards and labs, which are essential for determining the service life and function of moving cables. Continue reading...

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