Corrosion-free … high loads … maintenance-free

iglide® bearings are corrosion-free and dirt resistant

More than 45 materials from stock

Types: Sleeve bearing, with flange or thrust washers

Dimensions from Ø 3 - 195 mm

Online lifetime calculator and product finder to find the right solution for every application

Polymer plain bearing for the offshore industry

iglide® H370

For under water use

iglide® J

Low wear

iglide® H

High media resistance

iglide® T500


iglide® TX1


Especially for offshore applications igus® developed a material combination with stainless steel and self-lubricating tribo-polymers.

All steel components are absolutely corrosion-free

Use of 1.4571 and 1.4301 stainless steel

Resistant to seawater and aggressive chemicals

Ready-to-fit solutions from stock

iglide® J liners for underwater use

Stainless steel linear guides for the offshore industry

drylin® W - stainless steel

Linear slide bearings

drylin® R - stainless steel

Linear round guide

drylin® HTS - stainless steel

Linear slide table

More interesting information

iglide® plastic bushing applications

Examples where iglide® plastic bushings have been used in real-world applications in many different industries.

Wear testing on shafts

Wear testing on shafts