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e-spool® flex - uninterrupted panel feed | Extension length 5-15m

  • No slip ring
  • Without interruption (no slip ring), for energy,
    data, fluids and air
  • Space-saving
  • Universal assembly
  • Constant tensile strain on the cable
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy in case of repair
Note: Please consider VDE 0298 Part 5 (Current carrying capacity and conversion factors for wound cables) when selecting your cables and when using e-spool flex
Product description
The e-spool flex is the igus version of a cable drum without a slip ring. Cable diameters from 5mm  up to 15mm can be used. The cable is always safely routed through a feed-through to ensure that it is properly wound at all times.
  • Easy handling: pull-out force is almost constant and secure locking
  • Without interruption: for energy, data, fluids and air
  • Assembly-friendly: easy replacement of the cable, even with installed connectors
  • Space-saving: cable retracts into original position, leaving the path free
Further information

Typical industrial sectors and applications
Wherever a cable needs to be moved freely in use and stowed away safely and cleanly after use ► Panel pull-out on robots, cable retraction system for workshop, measuring and manufacturing areas, in medical technology, machine tools, indoor cranes, etc.

Note: When selecting your cables and using e-spool flex, please take into account VDE 0298 Part 5 (Current carrying capacity and conversion factors for coiled cables).
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