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Robot dresspacks: flexible cable carriers & accessories for industrial robots

triflex® R is a multi-axis cable carrier designed for a variety of robotic applications

Triflex® R Benefits:

  • Defined bend radius, built-in torsion stop
  • Easy to lengthen/shorten, simple filling
  • Ball & socket link design
  • Multiple cavities reduce cable abrasion
  • Also available with our flexible chainflex® cables

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  • Most common style
  • Easy fill – fast cable installation and removal
  • Reduces time to change cables by 75%
  • High strength due to external stop-dogs
  • Two chambers for cable separation


  • Closed design with snap-lock mechanism for fast opening, easy assembly/disassembly
  • Impact and abrasion resistant
  • Available with special bend radii for laser welding
  • Three chambers for cable separation

Retraction systems

retraction systems
  • Guides carriers to prevent loops in robot's path
  • Linear system for welding, riveting, nailing robots
  • Wheel system for small robots to prevent loops
  • Pneumatic system to avoid loops on robots' wrist
  • Compact, modular system for industrial robots

Cobot kits, e-chain® and accessories for robots

We manufacture all your cable carrier needs for your robot application.


triflex® R TRC

  • Closed tube design has max protection for cables
  • Very resistant against dirt, chips & debris
  • Impact and abrasion resistant
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Two chambers for cable separation

triflex® R TRL

  • Easy fill – fast cable installation and removal
  • Best option for less demanding applications
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Not recommended for 3-6 axes

triflex® R TRLF

  • Snap-lock mechanism for fast opening
  • Best option for less demanding applications
  • For large, stiff hoses or multiple cables
  • Easy assembly/disassembly by hand or tool
  • Not recommended for 3-6 axes
cobot kit

Cobot Dresspack Kits

cobot clamps

Cobot clamps and accessories

cobot kit

Dresspack for igus® ReBel cobot

  • Fixation of the cobot clamps via velcro tape
  • Easy and quick assembly and disassembly
  • Complete silicon-free ideal for the automotive industry
  • triflex® carriers are size TRE.30.050.0.B to push in the cables from the outside
Scara Robot Cable Management

Scara Robot Cable Management

  • Modular system
  • Easy to retrofit
  • Can be delivered as an assembled system
  • Customizable for easy adjustment to different types of SCARA robots
  • Safe guidance of cables and hoses
triflex® R standard mounting brackets

Standard mounting brackets

triflex® R light mounting brackets

Light mounting brackets

triflex R heavy duty connection

Heavy-duty connections

  • Connection for large, stiff, or numerous hoses
  • Offers secure mounting for CFX clamps
  • Heavy-duty connection - Standard
  • Heavy-duty connection - With radius support
triflex R compact connections

Compact connections

triflex R quick exchange kit

Quick exchange kit

  • The dress pack can be replaced very quickly
  • Tool-free replacement
  • No repeat dress pack alignment required
  • Plug-and-play replacement packages
Clamps for attachment to axis 6

Tennis Racket clamp

  • For various undefined and models
  • Easy and fast assembly
  • Ensures constant spacing between the dress pack and Axis 6
triflex® R protectors

triflex® R protectors

triflex® R protective jackets

Protective jackets


TRE.Locks: small component, big effect

  • Ensures maximum hold for a TRE e-chain® in the mounting bracket.
guide trough

triflex® R gliding feed-throughs

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triflex 10 tips

10 tips for energy supply on the robot

Robotics cable carrier catalog:

Robotics cable carrier catalog:

triflex sample box

Free triflex® R Sample Box

robot application form

New! Robot application form with video upload

Robotics news 2024


Unique: 4 years guaranteed!


For robots in dry cleanrooms


Fiber-rod test report in dry cleanrooms

Typical robot industries and applications:

Palletizing with cobots

Applications with cobots

Robot End Effector

Robot End Effector

Assembly robots in the automotive industry

Assembly robots in the automotive industry

Pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical industry

palletizing robot

Multi-axis energy supply system on palletizing robot
increases service life

Friction stir welding with Fanuc

Stir friction welding with Fanuc

  • TR. RS.60 retraction systems
  • the easy-to-fill TRE.60.087.0.B

Tools and Configurators

triflex dresspack

Robotic Dresspack Configurator

e-chain expert

Interior Separation Configurator

CAD Library

CAD Library

FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

  • Corrugated hose: 
    Stretches greatly under tensile load. The cables in the corrugated hose cannot elongate in the same ratio and are therefore damaged.
  • triflex® R:
    Stretches only minimally under tensile load. No additional load for the cables
  • Corrugated hose: 
    It offers no minimum bend radius
  • triflex® R: 
    Offers a bend radius of between 50 to 182mm depending on the triflex size.
  • Corrugated hose
    Damage to the corrugated hose due to stresses and torsional movement can cause damage to the cables
  • triflex® R: 
    The stop-dogs prevent the e-chain from bending too tightly.
  • Corrugated hose: 
    None or limited torsion occurs
  • triflex® R: 7-12.5° torsion angle per chain link
    Up to 900° torsion angle for one metre (example: TRC/TRE.40)
  • Corrugated hose: 
    If the plug is not too large, the cable can be pushed through from the ends.
  • triflex® R: With TRE, TRL, TRLF and TRCF, cables with plugs can be pressed in externally.
  • Corrugated hose: 
    Can be shortened only with tools (knives). This can pose health and safety risks and can damage cables.
  • triflex® R: 
    Length is adjustable with and without tools being required. This is dependant on which triflex range.
    Due to the moduar design, the triflex can be lengthened and shortened by fitting/ removing chain links to suit. This cannot be done with a corrugated hose.
  • Corrugated hose: 
    Can be installed via the hose ends only.
  • triflex® R: Can be installed via the e-chain ends or due to the design of the TRE, TRL and TRCF, the installing of cables/services can be implemented externally.

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