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Individual iglidur sliding rollers

Maintenance-free guide rollers made of iglide® materials

Saves installation space, costs and weight

Solid rollers made of tribologically optimized iglide® materials enable self-lubricating and maintenance-free guiding and deflection without ball bearings, and can be used within the smallest installation spaces with simultaneous weight savings.

Tech up

Tech up

  • Grease-free rolling without ball bearings
  • Wear-resistant

Cost down

Cost down

  • Lightweight
  • Cost-effective injection-molding



  • The individually manufactured type has been successfully used by many customers for years.
  • Tested many times at igus on specially developed test rigs.



  • Environmentally friendly because no external lubricants are required.
  • Good coefficient of wear and therefore, long service life

Beverage filling machine with wear-resistant plastic rollers made of iglidur material

Permanent load in three shifts

We have developed plastic rollers made of iglide® materials for this purpose

For this beverage bottling line, Krones AG was looking for wear-resistant rollers that would ensure a functioning system in the long term. The rollers used so far could not withstand the high cycle rates and the work in three-shift operation. "Earlier, the rollers in particular wore out too quickly, so that the customer had to overhaul the clamping star wheel relatively frequently [...]. Here there was an urgent need for action. We have now eliminated this weakness. " Jürgen Steimmer, Group Manager Labelling Technology, Krones AG
Krones AG found the solution in igus® plastic rollers. They consist of a plastic sleeve made of the material iglide® J, which was provided with an outer jacket made of TPU. The iglide® material is characterised above all by its wear resistance. The outer jacket provides good grip on the outer component so that the bearing is always carried along. Accordingly, only the plastic sleeve made of iglide® J wears out.  The service life could almost be doubled with the iglide® rollers.  

What are iglide® materials made of?

All iglide® materials consist of three components: base polymers, fibres and fillers, solid lubricants. As it is not possible for one universal material to fulfil all tasks equally well, there are different iglide® materials. Each has a different composition of the three components and a different application area.

Base polymers

iglide® base polymers

The base polymers are responsible for the iglide® materials' wear resistance. They ensure that the lubricants are not subjected to a surface pressure that is too high.  

Fibers and fillers

iglidur base polymers with fibres

These components strengthen the materials so that they withstand high forces or edge loads and can be used continuously.  

Solid lubricants

iglidur base polymers with fibres and solid lubricants

They lubricate components made of iglide® materials independently and prevent friction. They are distributed in the entire material in the form of microscopic particles.

Short news presentation of iglide® rollers product range

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