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Halogen-free cable (LSZH cable)

Toxic-free cables when exposed to fire and water

Halogen-free chainflex® cables are made without elements from halogens. Halogens are effective insulators when used as nonconductors, so they are often used as sheath materials for cables (most common example is PCV). Halogens carry risks if exposed to fire, as the elements release into the air, and if combined with water they produce a toxic acid. For applications exposed to fire, halogen-free cables should be used.

igus® offers a range of halogen-free cables to meet your application’s needs: the CF9 control cable, CF11 data cable, CFBUS-PUR BUS & Ethernet cable, CF113-D measuring system cable, CF27 servo cable and CF340 motor power cable, among others in the chainflex range. These cables reap many other benefits as well, such as oil-resistance, coolant-resistance and UV-resistance.

Learn more about the advantages of chainflex® cables and about our 36 month guarantee.

chainflex® advantages

chainflex cable

No toxic or corrosive gases released

temperature resistant

Handles higher temperatures than PVC cables

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PUR and TPE sheath materials: halogen-free

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