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magsnap: e-chain® Magnetic Cable Carrier for Long, Vertical Travels

For long vertically hanging applications where a guidance by means of guide trough is not possible for reasons of space. Magnets hold the e-chain® in the specified direction an "fix" it to a metal surface of your system. This prevents the e-chain® from swinging. The magsnap e-chain® is also ideal for vertical circular motion (RBR) as magnets hold the outer radius of the e-chain® to the "RBR guide trough" and the e-chain® can be moved securely and quietly.  (Note: Use only magnetic metal in conjunction with the magsnap.  The interior separation with magsnap is only possible alternately.) 


  • Holds the e-chain® securely in position for vertical, horizontal or even circular applications
  • Fast and easy assembly
  • Equipped with damping elements to reduce noise
  • Easy to retrofit
Typical applications:Hanging applications, such as: storage and retrieval equipment, lifts, automatic car parking stations and vertical applications with circular movements (RBR)


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magsnap 1. vertical hanging | 2. on the side | 3. rotating (RBR)
As standard a magsnap is mounted every fifth chain link - this can vary with high filling weights. The magsnap is available for many igus® e-chains. Already, chains such as the E6-29, the E4-32, the 2600, the B17 and many more have been equipped with magsnaps. The potentials are far from fully exploited here, therefore do not hesitate to contact us if you want to use magsnap in your own e-chain application.

Magnets located in the outer radius
for example, guide plates for circular movements are dispensed with.