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Bike pedals use plastic bushings

“iglide® bearings cost slightly less, but the most important advantage is that they don’t need to be replaced by riders. They last for the entire life of our pedals.”
- Dennis Paulson, Co-Owner at Straitline

High static shocks and impacts

When Straitline Components designed its AMP (All Mountain Pedal), the company used igus® bushings instead of micro-sealed bearings.

The pedal - built for extreme mountain bikes - boasts the company’s never-fail, double-grip retention system, and optimized pin placement; determined by evaluating where a shoe hits the pedal.

The iglide® G300 plastic bushings distribute the load and lubricate the axle, allowing it to spin freely. The bushings also withstand the high static shocks and impacts inflicted as a result of riders standing up on the pedals, not just pumping them.

iglide® G300 bushings can handle up to 11,600 pounds per square inch (psi) and absorb every vibration in tough terrains. They are not affected by outdoor elements such as mud, dirt, or rainwater.

plastic bushing

Straitline liked the fact that the self-lubricating bushings held up much better to wear and tear than small sealed bearings. Maintenance is also a breeze for mountain bikers.

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