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Linear guides for handling equipment

The demand to produce smaller and smaller products requires highly accurate handling devices that can be quickly retrofitted. These devices should also be space efficient. One such device suitable for various industrial sectors uses igus® linear guides, which are lubrication-free and so save time spent on maintenance work.

Glides instead of rolling

drylin® R linear bearings, drylin® W modular guides, drylin® T profile rail guides, and drylin® N low profile linear guides from igus® are all used in this handling device.

In contrast to recirculating linear ball bearing systems, the drylin® linear guides move on high performance plastic gliding elements made from the igus® plastic iglide® J, which is low wear and low friction.

drylin® linear bearing systems are designed for dry operation, so dirt accumulation is not an issue. In contrast with recirculating ball bearing systems, drylin® guides do not require a minimum stroke or travel length.

linear bearings This handling device is suitable for workpieces up to maximum 11 lbs and runs in cycles of less than 0.5 seconds.
profile rail guides igus® offers a comprehensive product range that also includes the simplest guide systems for pneumatic cylinders
linear guide Positioning and supply system: the nicknamed "never-ending axis"

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