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The new drylin® unsupported telescopic linear module

... telescopic ...

drylin Q_telescopic

The new drylin® linear module with telescoping drylin® Q guide is suitable for manual as well as electronic adjustment. This unit delivers self-lubricating and maintenance free operation to all applications where push and pull forces are transferred. In folding mechanisms, for angle adjustments of monitors, mirrors or inspection cameras as well as clamping elements.


Extension lengths up to 300 mm

Max. compressive force 100 N

Unsupported installation

Manual accessories (hand wheel, position indicator etc.) available

Ready-to-connect with drylin® E motor kits available

Typical applications:Textile industry, actuators, windows, rehabilitation technology, alley adjustments, inspection technology, medical and pharmaceutical technology

order key (electric):

Type Installation size shaft material Version Pitch Motor size Motor option Orientation
QLA -2012 -A (Aluminium) -E (electric) -0025 (DST6,35x2,54) (NEMA)-17 -G (with litz wire) -000=0° Request
-0025 (DST6,35x5,08) (NEMA)-23 -H (with encoder) -090=90°
-0025 (DST6,35x12,7) -180=180°
-0025 (DST6,35x25,4) -270=270°

extension length 200 mm

order key (manual):

Type Installation size shaft material Version Pitch Clamping Position indicator Hand wheel
QLA -2012 -A (Aluminium) -M (manual) -0025 (DST6,35x2,54) -200 -HK -PA -HR Request
-0025 (DST6,35x5,08)
-0025 (DST6,35x12,7)
-0025 (DST6,35x25,4)

extension length 200 mm

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