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chainflex® works …

… in the energy chain.

chainflex® cables prevent cable downtimes in energy chain applications.
The advantages and special features can be summarized by "unique - tested - lean".


Prevent cable downtimes

Extend machine running times

Minimize abrasion

Reduce installation space

Developed by igus®

unique - tested - lean

For all queries regarding the advantages of the highly flexible chainflex® cables, our product managers are always at your disposal.

chainflex® Product Manager Nils Jäger on the 7 basic rules for energy chain compatible chainflex® cables


chainflex cables

Center element for high tensile stresses

1. To stabilize the composite stranding inside the cable and thereby prevent corkscrewing and core breakages.

Optimized copper litz wire

2. To prevent core breakages and thereby create durability in continuous movement, even for small bending radii in the energy supply chain.

Core insulation

3. Only top value, pressure-extruded PVC or TPE. Materials that have stood the test of time in millions of core kilometers are used in energy chain applications. 

Braiding in bundles

4. Strengthening of the core braid, relief of the cores in the radius from low tensile/pressure stressing and thereby prevention of corkscrewing and core breakages.

Gusset-filling extruded inner jacket

5. Support of the composite stranding outside and thereby prevent corkscrewing and core breakages. 

Total shield with optimized shield braiding

6. Prevention of shield breakage and thereby significant increase and/or safeguarding of the EMC features of a cable. 

Highly abrasion-resistant, with pressure extruded outer jacket

7. Support of the shield braiding, less abrasion in the energy chain and thereby demonstrably longer service life, even in highly dynamic applications.

Chainflex® Cables


All chainflex® cables were tested for durability in our large test lab with a floor space of over 18,840 sq. ft.. This also enables us to supply you with information on the service life of a cable in its application. Send us a query or use our service life calculator on the internet.

igus®'s own test lab
47 million strokes tested in the energy chain


chainflex® offers you many more advantages that make your life easier and reduce the expenditure in your company.

1,040 cable types from stock Delivery within 24-48 hours Thus you can reduce your warehousing and the associated costs.

No surcharges no minimum order quantities Thus you only need to pay for what you order and only order what you require.

Online tools
igus® offers various online tools that make your daily work easier.

Besides our online shop you will also find the following useful aids:

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QuickPin cable configurator for assembled cables
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Flexible cables for moving applications


unique ...

Design details: more service life, less space, higher dynamics



in the igus® laboratory

Chainflex® works

Chainflex® works

chainflex® cable works for dynamic applications.

Test lab

Chainflex® tested, tested, tested

chainflex® cables are designed specifically for energy chain systems - tested and proven!