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What customers are saying ...

"I have to say, the service I’ve had in my few encounters with igus thus far is refreshingly impressive. A human answers the phone, voicemail messages are answered quickly, and I get no negative attitude whatsoever about the teensy orders I’m making as I work through finalizing the design I’m working on. This type of positive personal service is becoming fairly rare in our online business world. Kudos to you... and everyone I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with at igus!" Ross Six-Nine Design

igus® iglide® J plastic bushings

"We'll use about 100 links of carrier once every three years or so. We're not going to have much of an impact on your quarterly figures. We usually just grab it from McMaster when but they don't stock the 18 bend radius we needed so we had to go direct this time. Our orders are so small and infrequent that it doesn't make sense to do anything except order it though the website.

Being able to jump on your website and grab a small order is a huge advantage to us low-volume users. It's 99% of the reason why we switched to igus. You may not make a lot of money off us now but if we ever do start using a lot of carrier you'll already have us in your pocket!" Dan The Interlagos Group

igus Energy Chain

"We don’t expect to replace the Energy Chain from igus at all, and the machine’s life is 10 years. Customers love the maintenance-free feature of the Energy Chain and we love the fact that the Energy Chain is simple, cost-effective and reliable, even when compared to more expensive solutions." Paul Case IH

igus Energy Chain

“I’ve used igus products on pharmaceutical equipment, meat processing equipment and custom packaging applications. With its sanitation features and the food and drug friendly bearing material options, igus products are ideal for these applications. igus’ Canadian headquarters have a comprehensive warehouse with most products in stock, so we can get what we need fast and easy, without dealing with customs.” Jody Visual Packaging International

igus packaging products

“The Energy Chain does an excellent job of protecting the cable on our machines, and because of the interior separators, the cables do not chafe or rub together, which prevents damage. igus produces pre-harnessed cable carrier systems for us in a timely manner. This service helps us trim our production costs and deliver to our customers faster. As an OEM, that is crucial.” Tim Diamond Pheonix

igus EnergyChain

“When we initially designed the Catrike I called igus to purchase a few different plastic bearings to try. The quick response and excellent service were impressive. It took only five minutes to place my order and the bearings arrived the next day. Just two days later an igus salesperson was at our office, making calculations and working with us at length to determine the best bearing for our application. I’ve never received such superior customer service.” Paulo Catrike Speed

igubal spherical bearings

“We needed a flexible and heavy-duty cable. Chainflex was by far the best when looking at quality verses price. We have reduced maintenance and downtime for our customers because of the flexibility of igus cables. As of yet, we haven’t been in the field to replace Chainflex and our customers are enjoying the worry-free operation of our machines.” Mike Diversified Machine Systems (DMS)


“High powered snowmobile engines don’t typically get that kind of life, much less the clutch. In my opinion, a clutch should last 25,000 to 30,000 miles and I believe the iglide will too. Iglide is the best solution for my bearing needs. I want to deliver the best product I can for the money and I’m able to do that with igus.” Duane Hi-Tech Performance

iglide G300

“T500 is what I would call a problem-solving bearing. In the 6 years that we have been employing it and the previous year’s service on the T-foil, we have been impressed with its performance and with the service provided by igus and its sales force.” Rick Island Engineering in Piney Point, Md.

iglide T500 bearing

“Triflex R is the perfect product for our Doctor’s arms. It not only looks futuristic, but it performs the necessary mechanical functions to bring these arms to life. We couldn’t have designed a more ideal solution.” Walter Klassen FX

Triflex R

“The biggest problem we faced was that our customers had to halt production, disassemble the part and ship it back to us for maintenance. They were losing precious time and money. When you are producing 15 cakes per minute, every minute counts. The abrasion from the sugar was also a significant factor. The iglide bearings from igus incur virtually no contamination or wear from any external factors, whether it be cake ingredients, water or shock, and overall they provide a nice, elegant solution.” Dragomir Unifiller Systems

iglide bearings

“The iglide bearings outperformed the competition immensely, especially on the number of cycles. The extended life is a definite plus for our customers. Downtime has almost been eliminated and the iglide J is lasting almost 150 times the number of cycles as the original bearings. iglide J makes our machines perform ten times better. By becoming an igus customer, we have been able to reduce the number of service visits and in turn have happier customers. The lightweight plastic also reduced the weight of the robot, allowing it to move faster by taking the burden off the other components.” Mike Automated Cells and Equipment

iglide J

“DryLin R is great for this dirty environment. It works despite the harsh elements and requires no grease, which is a magnet for dirt.” Rex DeepRock

DryLin R

“We literally haven’t touched the chain or cable since it’s been in operation. It was installed a year ago and we haven’t replaced anything yet. The best part is we don’t have to adjust anything and we aren’t having any issues. The system is maintenance-free for us.” Brian Dixie Industrial Finishing Co.

igus Energy Chain

“One of the reasons we use iglide bearings is because of their ability to deliver a clean performance. Another reason is that iglide gets the job done at a fraction of the cost.” Benjamin Imaging Business Machines, LLC

igus bearings

“I worked with Energy Chain at my previous job and have always been impressed with its durability. With Energy Chain, Maxi Mill is able to receive a preassembled carrier, which allows for easy installation. Our customers are able to reduce the maintenance performed on the machine and have never had to replace an entire assembly.” Bob Maxi Mill Inc

pre-harnessed energy chain

“A similar inclinator is currently running in Europe and we use igus Chainflex cables in that application. Chainflex cables are a product we are familiar with and they can easily deliver enough flexing ability to adequately support the application.” Kash Otis

Chainflex cables

“We chose igus iglide bearings based on igus’ reputation as a quality product. We had seen iglide bearings used by another bicycle shock manufacturer and realized we could enjoy the same benefits. Iglide bearings alleviate long-term costs for the company and maintenance for our customers.” Roy Progressive Suspension

iglide bearings

“We needed a small, lightweight and cost-effective component which igus was able to provide. The compact design and lightweight plastic works well in our machines.” Jim Schneider Packaging Equipment Co.

DryLin T profile rail guide

“The roller bearings we were using had a short life cycle. iglide bearings cost slightly less, but the most important advantage is that they don’t need to be replaced by riders. They last for the entire life of our pedals.” Dennis Straitline Components

iglide bearings

“Driven by our desire to minimize downtime on equipment, we are always looking for innovative ways to improve reliability. This is what led us to igus ReadyChain Systems. I need to be able to say I tested it and it works—100 percent. ReadyChain works and I am completely confident in this product. ReadyChain gives us higher reliability at a lower cost.” Mike Virginia International Terminals


“The reliability of the igus cable carrier is a big plus for our customers. The open design of the Energy Chain also works well. The chain can be easily blown out with an air hose, helping our bakery customers maintain a sanitary environment. We have been using AUTO-GLIDE systems for more than five years now and none of them have been replaced yet. I am happy to report we are using igus products throughout our company.” Charles Weldon Solutions


“If the piece has movement, it uses igus bearings. In 2003, we replaced oil-impregnated bearings with igus plastic bearings and we have seen benefits from the switch ever since. We have seen a competitor’s product fail in one season, which is only 15 to 16 days. With iglide bearings, our products last indefinitely. We started using igus bearings because of the tremendous value they offer us. They are durable, lightweight, reliable and easy to maintain. Not to mention, they look cool. When our customers consider how our products are built, they know our characters are the Cadillac of the industry.” Keith Scareparts

iglide robotics for animatronics

“We have had a significant decrease in downtime while using the DryLin linear guides, and since their installation three years ago, only one has been replaced. I am very pleased with the performance of igus’ products.” Luis Southeastern Container


“Energy Chain from igus is the only cable management system we use. Energy Chain is featured in our catalog as the exclusive cable carrier used in all of GUDEL’s designs.” Olivia GUDEL

Energy Chain

“Energy Tubes are durable and easy to install. The response time and cooperation with igus’ sales team is great and Energy Chain has been virtually maintenance-free for us.” Representative PGT Industries


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