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Design Guide: Basics of Cable Carriers

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Choosing the right carrier extends the life of cables and hoses, enhances machine safety, and reduces operating costs.

Many industrial cables and hoses transmit energy, data, and fluid from fixed sources to moving mechanisms. They usually need to be guided and protected from external stresses common to the manufacturing environment. Cable and hose carriers can do this job.

The carrier is a structure, which surrounds the cables and hoses and facilitates travel while maximizing the life of these conduits. Cable carriers can take many forms, from open-style chains to fully enclosed tubes, and they are available in a variety of materials. Individual manufacturers refer to this product with a number of different terms, including cable carrier, drag chain, CAT track, cable track, energy chain and so on.

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download the Basics of Cable Carriers design guide

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E4-1 cable carrier

The E4-1 system combines all the benefits of its three predecessors in the E4 range.