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chainflex cable works... moving applications all over the world!

The cable, with guidance from the energy chain, is frequently regarded as the machine's umbilical cord, and the comparison is a good one. If the cable breaks after a few movements, the result is downtime and loss of reputation. That is why our customers greatly appreciate our clear chainflex® service life information and the associated security ... all over the world.  
With chainflex®, we have paid great attention to all guidelines and approval regulations and the most important standards worldwide. This makes us the right solution for your moving application for any region in the world.  

Filters to find the approval you need

We are often asked what approval is most important for cables. Unfortunately, there is no surefire answer. Since only machines and systems that have a CE symbol may be marketed in Europe, it is imperative that cables fulfil all requirements listed in the directives. This is, of course, very important for chainflex®. Moreover, the fulfillment of UL guidelines or compliance with EAC/CTP plays an important role in a country where exports are so important, since our customers sell their machines all over the world and are faced with local standards.  Since igus® offers solutions for a wide range of industries, certain groups of customers have additional guidelines that must be adhered to. In the semiconductor industry, they might include IPA cleanroom approvals, and at sea they might include DNV-GL certification. DESINA requirements also play an important role.  

Tech up

Tech up

  • One cable for all important markets
  • Planning reliability for technical designing purposes
  • Elimination of costly, time-consuming overall approvals

Cost down

Cost down

  • No duplicated stock
  • No additional costs in respect of customs duty
  • Smooth passage through customs
  • Simple scheduling system



  • Standards, certificates



  • No duplicated stock

Overview of all new approvals and certificates:

UL-verified, UL-listed, DNV-GL, and many more ...

The igus® test laboratory: the germ of all global approvals

Why should the product keep the promises?

"36-month chainflex cable guarantee and service life calculator based on 2 billion test cycles per year"

We issue a 36-month guarantee on our cables with confidence, as we are able to make reliable predictions about the service life of our cables due to over 30 years of experience in our 3,800m² test laboratory and 700 concurrently undertaken experiments.
The company igus is now the first German firm to have this promise validated for chainflex cables. In a complex certification process, the US institute "Underwriters Laboratories" confirmed the accuracy of the statement "igus® 36-month chainflex cable guarantee and service life calculator based on 2 billion test cycles per year". This makes the Cologne-based company the first in Europe to have the veracity of an advertising statement confirmed by a testing institution. In future, every chainflex® cable that leaves the factory worldwide will be identified by the UL marketing label with its unique number, referring to igus®.
A total of 1044 of the over 1350 cables in the portfolio and available from stock already have classic UL approval, without which the export of systems to America would in all probability run less smoothly. The combination of UL approval and UL marketing label ensures smooth exports twice over.
These statements create reliability and planning security for your entire investment process; all the more so now that they have been confirmed by an external body! You are welcome to try it out yourself online with the certified service life calculation.

The complete chainflex range

chainflex portfolio

The chainflex cables are unharnessed cables for moving applications in energy chains or for robot applications, dependable with 36-month guarantee.  The chainflex cables for energy chains work flawlessly even with many cycles, high speeds and accelerations, long travels as well as very extreme ambient conditions.

All highlights from the test laboratory

chainflex test trials

The chainflex laboratory concentrates on special experiments and tests that are not covered by the relevant normal standards and laboratories but are absolutely necessary for determining the service life and functional capability of moving cables. This has now been confirmed again by UL.  

Guarantee: Harnessed cables

readycable overview

readycable harnessed cables are ready-to-connect cables. As a manufacturer and harnesser, igus offers everything from a single source and thus specifically reduces your process costs. The portfolio covers a range of catalog products, including cables harnessed according to manufacturers' standards and diverse industrial standards as well as custom production of components individually or in batches.

Application Assistance

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