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Apiro® Robotic kit

The Apiro® (Greek for "infinite") robot gearbox construction kit is now available as a starter kit. Build your own robot, including instructions.

The following assemblies can be built:
1. Apiro® room gantry
2. Apiro® area gantry
3. Apiro® mini articulated arm robot
4. Apiro® pusher
5. Apiro® 2-axis picker
6. Apiro® 3-axis picker
7. Apiro® 360° picker
8. Apiro® SCARA
Product description
The robotics kit provides a playful introduction to the world of robotics. It is aimed at educational institutions and all those who want to gain initial experience with different kinematics or simply want to try them out. Eight different robot systems can be set up in no time at all. Have fun experimenting!

The set consists of several Apiro® robot worm gear units with connecting elements and stepper motor technology in size NEMA 17. The stepper motors can be controlled with clock direction controllers. The matching control set is available here: D7 control system set for linear robots
Sample programs for a connection with RaspberryPI and AdruinoMega can be found here: drylin® E sample programmes

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