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Cable Management for Amusement Park Ride

Rugged, safe and UV resistant

Pre-assembled cable carrier system for amusement park ride

Cable carrier system for white-water ride

The need for fairground rides to be reliable is key above all else. The passengers of this "Wild’n’Wet" white-water ride are transported to the starting point at the top by an elevator over 65-feet high in the air. The elevator is moved by a drive system that rotates. Two moving platforms carry nine gondolas.

Power was supplied to the motors and hydraulic units on the two platforms by two rugged and reliable, made-to-spec igus® cable carriers (E4/4 type, Series 3838).

Demands on the facility are high. All parts of the elevator are permanently exposed to wind and weather. Additional centrifugal forces act upon the component parts due to the 180° rotation.

Cable carrier for amusement park ride energy chain cable carrier on the elevator tower of the Wild´n´Wet amusement park ride

Resistant to wear despite heat, frost and water

The pre-harnessed readychain® cable carrier system needs to withstand conditions ranging from extreme heat to frost. Even when it doesn't rain, the elevator gets continuously wet from the white-water ride making it very important the cable carriers can withstand this harsh environment.

In the "Wild´n´Wet" elevator two cable carriers run in guide troughs, which guide them during the rapid upward, downward and rotational movements.

Cable carriers on amusement park ride elevator One gondola travels up and the other travels down. The pre-assembled cable carrier system supplies energy and power.

Ready-to-install readychain®

The readychain® Cable Carrier concept quickly convinced the elevator manufacturer. With readychain®, igus® is assigned all the procurement logistics, from the purchase of all essential special parts to the safe, efficient delivery of the ready-to-install system on a fixed date.

There is a number of reasons to opt for a pre-assembled cable carrier system in mechanical and plant automation. Manufacturing costs, sources of error and project planning costs are reduced, whilst reliability is increased.

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