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igus® motion plastics® for electronics manufacturing

Clean room applicable ... space-saving ... low-noise

For almost 20 years, igus® has been among the front-runners for energy supply systems in clean rooms. igus® offers a wide assortment of IPA-tested e-chains®, chainflex® cables and drylin® linear bearings that enables straightforward assembly, machine-specific movements and energy supplies in cleanrooms. Since the quality requirements for cleanroom technology applications are constantly growing, both, in terms of customer expectations as well as testing standards, igus® is continuously working on improving its products.
And since igus® dry-tech® products work completely without external lubrication, they are the ideal ex-works solution for applications where cleanliness is the top priority.

New: chainflex® CAT7 cable

New: e-skin® corrugated hose

CAT7 cables

Mechanically reliable durability for long travel paths, in the machine tool, on the robot or for tensile stress. Successfully tested and with clear guarantee statement. Up to 10 Gbps/600 MHz, tested with 40 million strokes and a guaranteed service life of 36 months.

e-skin corrugated hose

e-skin® is a hose consisting of an upper and lower shell that form a complete enclosure when connected together. The simple and reclosable opening mechanism enables easy maintenance and inspection of the installed cables. Speeds of 66 ft/s and accelerations of 656 ft/s2

drylin® E gantry, pre-assembled from stock

drylin® thread technology

drylin e portal

Gantries are a combination of several linear axes to realize a multidimensional movement. For various tasks, igus® offers portals as a surface, line and room portal. igus® gantries contain pre-configured drylin® linear modules / axes with NEMA step motors as well as all components necessary for self-assembly.

drylin leadscrew

Screw drives are machine elements that convert a rotary motion into a transnational motion. drylin® screw drives are always based on self-lubricating plastic nuts and thus enable a life-long operation without external lubrication. This also makes them completely maintenance-free.

Further products for electronics manufacturing

igus® tests each of its products in elaborate and careful test procedures in its own laboratory. Only what meets the standards of our laboratory is subjected to the Fraunhofer IPA tests based on them. The evidence is supplied by a new expert's report from IPA, the Fraunhofer Institute, by which numerous igus® products are certified with the best classification possible, ISO Class 1:



System E6-1

After 10 successful years as a cleanroom and “whisper“ chain, the new generation is in the starting blocks. Aside from the tried-and-tested uses of the E6, the new "System E6-1" generation offers additional advantages which significantly simplify operation.

System E3

Three-piece e-chain® with many new ideas - the igus® system E3 combines small pitch, silent operation, low noise, stability, simple installation and cost efficiency.

ESD - e-chains®

e-chains® for avoiding static charges during the manufacturing processes for electronic components or assemblies (ESD) and for avoiding the build-up of ignitable charges in explosive environments.

Cleanroom applicable cables

Highly flexible, with a guarantee of 36 months or 10 million double strokes for high speeds and accelerations as well as challenging ambient conditions. With norms and guidelines such as NFPA 79, UL, CSA, VDE, Interbus and Profibus.

Cleanroom applicable linear systems

All drylin® linear guides are designed for dry operation and have been tested under this condition. No oils or fats were used as additional lubricants.

iglide® F2 ESD-compatible

iglide® F2 helps to prevent the build-up of electrostatic charges. Good resistance to media and temperature, the ability to use even in damp surroundings due to low moisture absorbency plus good universal coefficients of wear result in a wide application spectrum.

Application examples for electronics manufacturing

energy chains for micro-assembly

Extreme demands on availability and durability

Positioning systems for electronics manufacturing

Low vibration, quiet, and low wear

Cleanroom technology

Cable carriers for cleanroom put to the test

E6 system

E6 system in the application

Wafer handling

An System E6 energy chain cable carrier speeds up the wafer handling process in this chip production plant.

Pick-and-place machine

Cables for 400 million strokes in ultra-fast pick-and-place movements.

Tested and classified

Test results


The Fraunhofer Institute IPA has tested several igus® energy chains series according to DIN EN ISO 14644-1. In this way, precise statements on the cleanroom application potentials of almost all popular igus® e-chain® systems are available now.


ISO class 1

ISO class 1

All products used in clean rooms need to fulfill the same requirement: During operation, as few particles as possible should be emitted into the surrounding area. This is especially applicable for moving machine parts. To generate as less particles as possible, high abrasion resistance is called for - and is thereby also an indicator for long service life.

igus® test lab


igus® has been running an extensive test lab for over 20 years in which currently 700 tests are carried out simultaneously in an area covering 29,600 ft², making it the largest test lab for flexible cables.



Further information

Overview ESD

e-chains® for the prevention of static and ignitable charge

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