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Rotary motion cable carriers

1. Rotary motion with twisterchain Circular movements can be achieved using a few different solutions from the igus® energy chain cable carrier range. The twisterchain product line offers the biggest selection for rotary movements. twisterchain solutions are particularly recommended for space-restricted applications, such as articulated robots, revolving tables, etc.

2. Rotary motion with standard energy chains The video opposite shows an RBR (reverse bend radius) application that was solved using standard energy chain cable carriers. Such solutions are possible if a great deal of space is available and if the angles of rotation are limited to a maximum of 450°. All igus® energy chains, Energy Tubes and chainflex® continuous-flex cables are appropriate for this kind of application.

3. Rotary motion with RBR An RBR (reverse bending radius) is when the energy chain can travel in two directions. Each igus® energy chain can incorporate RBR designs, with the exception of certain radii for Energy Tubes R117 to R98 and for Series 07, 09, 14, 15, and 17. The RBR does not necessarily need to be identical to the normal bending radius of an energy chain. Part No. 280-15-100/425-0 describes a Series 280 energy chain cable carrier with an inner width of 5.91 inches (150 mm), standard bending radius of 3.94 inches (100 mm) and RBR of 16.73 inches (425 mm). Most rotary motions can be achieved with the RBR option. Angles of rotation up to 540° are possible. Below is an example of rotary motion using an RBR energy chain. Please consult igus® for your particular application.

Options 2. and 3. for rotary movements require less installation height. The energy chain cable carriers glide mostly on surfaces made from polymer, stainless steel or steel and are guided through channels into a rotary movement. Read about side-mounted applications for additional design tips. Bending radii, circular radii and e-chain® widths are variable with this product line.

cable carrier reverser bend Example of a rotary motion using RBR. Here, the outer ring rotates. The inner ring could rotate too.
Cable carrier in rotary motion Standard energy chain 350-075-200-0, angle of rotation 225°
Rotary motion on a robot Series 250 with 360° RBR rotary motion on a robot

Preferred Series for rotary motion applications:

Guide troughs

Depending on the dynamics and load of the application, the guide troughs are made from steel or stainless steel. For applications with a high cycle frequency, we suggest coating the guide troughs with polymer. igus® energy chains require no additional gliding elements for contact with the base or sidewalls. igus® offers complete systems including guide troughs, but we are pleased to offer support with drawings for your own construction.

Product range

energy chain cable carriers with RBR are available as standard for the complete triflex® range. We also offer a series of standard energy chains equipped with RBR. For all other types, RBR means a special manufacturing run, which we are more than willing to offer you as an option.

Technical data rotary motion:
max. angle of rotation = 540° (larger angles possible)
v max. = 33 ft/s
a max. = 66 ft/s2

cable carrier guide troughs Guide troughs for rotary applications
rotary motion cable carrier Rotary motion with RBR, just short of 20 ft. The inner ring rotates.

igus® energy chains with RBR available from stock

The energy chain Series appearing in the table are RBR versions available from stock. Almost all igus® energy chains can be delivered as an RBR version. Please contact us with any special inquiries.

E2 Micro part numbers:


E2 Mini part numbers:


E4/4 part numbers:


E-Z Chain part numbers:


Cable carrier rotary motion on a harbor crane Safe power supply with E4/4 E-Chains as an RBR version in this harbor crane
Circular motions with "RBR" e-chains® are also possible in standing installations