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xiros® plastic ball bearing

As manufacturer of plastic plain bearings, what prompted igus® to offer plastic ball bearings as well?

Our customers’ need for maintenance-free bearing solutions regularly lead us to develop new materials and products. Of course, we also watch the ball bearings’ market. We think that plastic ball-bearing technology hasn't been exhausted and won’t be for a long time yet. With our many years of experience in testing tribologically optimized plastics, we believe plastic ball bearings can advance a lot further.

xiros product René Achnitz, Product Manager, iglide® and xiros®

What are plastic ball bearings made of? Which parts are actually made of plastic?

Plastic ball bearings are made from polymer cages, balls made from stainless steel or glass for maximum corrosion resistance, as well as inner and outer rings made from what we call “xiros®” plastic. They are lightweight, resistant to corrosion and chemicals and offer a longer life at lower cost.

What makes the xiros® plastic ball bearings from igus® so special?

Using tribo-optimized xiros® high-performance plastics makes the need for bearing lubrication obsolete and also means the ball bearings are completely maintenance-free and dry-running.

What is the origin of the name xiros®?

The name is derived from the Greek term for "dry" and signifies the dry operation of xiros® plastic ball bearings.

What advantages are offered by using xiros® plastic ball bearing technology in conjunction with the igubal® spherical bearing range?

Predominantly, greater flexibility and compensation for misalignment.