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Condition Monitoring System for Push/Pull Force Detection

Previously, condition monitoring systems for e-chains® were only for large systems like port & terminal cranes. With the new PPDS basic, this technology is now also available for "normal" industrial plants. The easy force measurement on the mounting bracket of the e-chain® enables an "emergency stop" function at reasonable costs even in energy chains with travels clearly below 100 m. 


  • Safe shutdown or alert function with system faults
  • Improved EMC resistance
  • Modern SMD technology and advanced software
  • Secure with 24V voltage
  • Easy installation by means of non-interchangeable connectors
  • Easy programming using the membrane keypad directly on the unit
  • Compact housing, strong, corrosion resistant
  • The force limit is programmed in tensile and compression direction
  • The plant stops when the force is exceeded
  • Custom programmable and event logging in the data memory

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Force sensor for the mounting bracket on the moving end


Force sensor cable: CF10.Ini-P5-C-M12-BW-5 (5m) harnessed for PPDS


PPDS analysis unit: EU.01.SMD


Central control cable including power supply: CF78.UL.07.05 (10m) harnessed for PPDS

Download assembly instructions PPDS - Push Pull Force Detection System

Typical industrial sectors and applications:

  • Malfunction-sensitive plants, such as conveyor systems in power plants
  • Waste incineration systems
  • Chemical plants
  • Crane system
  • Generally with long travel distances that have high fail-safe requirements
  • For long travels, if pull/thrust force monitoring is desired.

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