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drylin® R - Technical information

DryLin® Expert System

Use the Expert System to quickly find out which drylin® linear bearing will work in your application.

Calculate lifetime, clearance, and generate CAD files and RFQs using one simple program.

DryLin® Expert System

Materials table

General features Unit iglide® J iglide® T500 iglide® J200 Test method
Density g/cm³ 1.49 1.44 1.72
Color Yellow Black Dark gray
Max. humidity absorption at 73°F/50% R. H. Wt.-% 0.3 0.1 0.2 DIN 53495
Max. water absorption Wt.-% 1.3 0.5 0.7
Coefficient of surface friction, dynamic, against steel µ 0.06 - 0.18 0.09 - 0.27 0.11 - 0.17
P x v value, max. (dry) psi x fpm 9,700 37,700 8,600

Mechanical properties
Bending E-module psi 348000 1174500 406000 DIN 53457
Bending strength at 68°F psi 10585 24650 8410 DIN 53452
Compressive strength psi 8700 14500 n. d.
Recommended max. surface pressure (68°F) psi 5075 21750 3335
Shore D hardness 74 85 70 DIN 53505

Physical and thermal properties
Upper long-term temperature °F 194 482 194
Upper short-term application temperature °F 248 599 248
Lower application temperature °F -58 -148 -58
Heat conductivity [W/m x K] 0.25 0.6 0.24 ASTM C 177
Coefficient of thermal expansion (at 73.4 °F) [K-1 x 10-5 ] 10 5 8 DIN 53752

Electrical properties
Specific forward resistance Ωcm > 1013 < 10 5 > 10 8 DIN IEC 93
Surface resistance Ω > 1012 < 10 3 > 10 8 DIN 53482

DryLin® R - Comparison of the permitted dynamic loads with same diameter

Dirt, dust, fibers

An important feature of all drylin® linear bearings is their tolerance of dirt. For most bearing systems, the use of wipers or seals is recommended for even low dirt accumulation. drylin® is not affected by dust, lint, or coarse dirt.

The patented design of the bearing using individual slide pads, connected by thin film sections, provides performance benefits for dirty environments..

Dirt, even when it becomes wet on the shaft, is wiped away by the individual glide pads and moved into the contact-free areas. The glide sections of the drylin® bearings then slide on the shaft that has been cleared of all contaminants.

Split linear bearings

Applications that operate on the edge of technical feasibility or in extremely harsh environments are characterized by need to frequently replace linear bearings. In many cases, service life can be multiplied many times with drylin®. However, in extreme applications, even drylin® bearings may need to be replaced from time to time.

drylin® linear bearings can contribute to considerable cost reductions in such cases, since only the iglide® bearing liner has to be replaced. This often means a reduction of more than 90% in replacement part costs. iglide® liners can be replaced, while a ball-bearing cage can not.

Split adapters offer even greater cost savings. Shafts need no longer be removed from the housing. The two shells of the adapter can be opened very easily. The high-performance plastic bearing inside is split and can easily be pulled off the shaft. Clip a new bearing over the shaft, put the two adapter halves together and install.

Split adapters help reduce installation times to a minimum.

Dirt- and dust-resistant ball bushings drylin® R is reliable despite the presence of dust or abrasive dirt particles
Split ball bushing liner The drylin® liner can be pushed easily onto the shaft
Then the adapter is fitted over the liner
Installation is simple and reduces downtime and maintenance costs